WealthTrust believes in simple, transparent pricing. 

The annual fee is Rs.999 + 0.25% of advisory portfolio + applicable taxes. 

The annual fee rate of 0.25% of your portfolio will be deducted in four quarterly instalments.

For example, you subscribe to our advisory plan on 1st Jan 2018 after paying 999/- + GST.


On 1 April 2018, consider your average portfolio balance for the quarter (1st Jan 2018 - 31st Mar 2018) is worth Rs. 1 Lakh. You have to pay

0.25% * 1,00,000 * ¼ = Rs.62.5


In the next quarter, you invest more and your portfolio appreciates. On 1 August 2018, consider your average portfolio balance is 1.50,000. Then you have to pay

0.25% * 1,50,000 * ¼ = Rs.93.75

There are no transaction fees, redemption, cancellation fees, or any other fees of any kind. If you wish to cancel the service within 30 days of your subscription, you will be issued 100% refund.